We’re still here!

We’re still here!  The North Park store was too small, so we decided to open a  webstore!  We still have a full inventory!  We ship out Priority mail, you’ll get your costume in  1 to 3 days.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please call us at our number since 1985, 619-574-6201.  Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is right around the corner!

How did the year fly by so fast?  Well, our first strictly online Halloween is here, and The Costume Shop is very excited!  This has been an amazing time for us, and we’re happy to bring new costumes to you!  We’re in the process of designing corset costumes, and they’ll be online in the next few weeks!  In the meantime, we still have tons of beautiful new costumes, especially the Leg Avenue Disney Princesses.

If you go through each costume page, you’ll notice that we’ve put our older styles on sale, so look for the red prices under the pictures!

Continue on with us, and we’ll keep bringing special costumes to you.

Also, look for our new zombie make-up kits!

What’s going on in town…

What’s going on in town…

The Costume Shop has added an Events Page to it’s new webstore!  This is our way of “displaying your  posters” for all of your shows, auditions, art shows, and special events!  Contact Pam with your event, opening date, gallery showing, give her all of the pertinent information, and it will be logged into the calendar.  If you click on the event, all of your information will be displayed, where people can buy tickets, where the venue is, what time to be there!

Hopefully this will help  the community to keep in touch!

We’d love to see that calendar be filled up!

We’ll be looking for your emails!

The Costume Shop has gone online!

A brand new day…

The Costume Shop, after deciding to leave behind the brick and mortar, is thrilled to finally launch it’s new webstore!

We will be continually adding products, so keep coming back to check out what ‘s new, and email <contactus@thecostumeshop.net> or call us with specific needs that may not be uploaded yet!

We’re on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and soon we’ll be offering tutorials on YouTube!

Make sure you add your name to our mailing list for specials and announcements!

Here’s to a brand new day!