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Costume Contact Lenses

The tradition of dressing up for Halloween most likely comes from the Medieval practices of “mumming” and “going a-souling,” which historically took place on All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Mumming meant dressing up in costumes, singing, dancing, play-acting and making other general mischief. Souling meant going door to door offering prayers for the dead in exchange for treats. Current Halloween customs are an amalgamation of traditions from Celtic, various pagan and Roman traditions. Great working partners offer excellent range of customs for this, however we want to enhance your customers experience by offering the safest way to change your eye colour to match the costume.

These cosmetically approved costume contact lenses are the perfect way to complete your Halloween, fancy dress or cosplay costumes!

Halloween 2017

We’ve finally gotten our costume contact lenses in! We’re carrying everything from Werewolf contact lenses to UV glowing white lenses! We’re delivering here in San Diego between how and November 2nd, and will ship for parties in November. But don’t think these are just for Halloween! Cosplay costumes aren’t complete without funky colored eyes!

Remember that we do deliveries!

We’re getting closer to the day!  Make sure you have all of your Halloween accessories and costume pieces.   There is still time to ship your items to you priority mail, and if you’re late, we can deliver within San Diego city limits.  But don’t wait too much longer!  Our delivery schedules are fast filling up!  All the lenses are displayed on the Make-up Page!


Halloween is upon again!!!!

It’s time to get ready for Halloween!  We have ten days left in the month, and costumes and make-up kits have been flying out of our warehouse!  Remember to call us if you’re looking for something that you don’t see in our webstore!  We may have something that hasn’t made it online, or one left of an item!  All costumes are shipped the same day, and we ship priority mail, so you’ll have it between one and three days!  And, if for some reason you’re still looking later on in the month, we still do deliveries if you’re in San Diego!  We stop deliveries on the 30th, so make sure you get your orders in.  If you are late, make sure you call us and we’ll do our best to fulfill that order!  Happy Halloween!!!

Dia de los Muertos makeup kits

We still have our custom makeup kits for Sugar Skull makeup!  You get a custom color Magicolor palette, Ben Nye clown white, Super White powder, two brushes, a black and a red pencil, rhinestones and spirit gum, two accent glitters, opal glitter to create a “sugared” effect, black lipstick and complete instructions.  We can deliver the kits all day!  Take advantage while we’re still stocked up!  We can also make custom flowered head pieces!  Act now!  Call Pam at 619-574-6201!

Last minute shoppers!!!

We just want you to know that our stock is still great, and that we’re offering delivery service all week, twice a day.  We’ll be delivering in the morning and in the evening, after business hours.  If you’re out of the delivery range, we’d be happy to meet you at mid-way point!

If you have any questions on your costume or costume needs, please call us any time from 10 to 7!

Happy Halloween!

Another Halloween is upon us!

Well, here we are!  We’re halfway through the month, and it seems as though it’s snuck up on all of us!  New items are on the website, our Day of the Dead make-up kits are back up, the zombie kits are back, and we’ve update a lot of the sizes.

We can indeed deliver if necessary, but it will be smarter if we ship priority to you.  We can guarantee that you’ll get your items in a very timely fashion!  And you’ll have the tracking number to check the progress!

We are still custom making masks and Day of the Dead headpieces, and the make-up artist can put together make-up kits for you, even if you don’t see the make-up online.  We’re still trying to work that out with all the dealers, but we have make-up and it’s ready to go!

Happy 2014  Halloween!



It’s been an amazing season for us!

It’s been an amazing season for us!  Our Halloween online has been great! We miss seeing all of your faces, but our new site has served us well.  And since we did so many deliveries, we were able to see a lot of our old friends, and make a lot of new ones!

Just to let you know, we’ll be available to deliver costumes and make-up for weekend parties through Sunday afternoon!   And we’ll be rolling out our Costume Shop Christmas costumes at the end of the month, as well as all the masks we make for New Year’s Eve.

We’re looking ahead at this new year with even more enthusiasm!  Hope you go along for the ride with us!